Components, Dimensioning, Scenes, Layers & Naming Part 2

In Part 1 of this two part post I covered this subject in broad strokes. Now we are going to look a little deeper at my naming conventions for components, layers, scenes and special layers such as dimension layers and exploded layers. As I mentioned in Part 1, this is my strategy for naming. There is no correct strategy and you should study a few and come up with one that fits your style of modeling. However, you should have a strategy. Spur of the moment naming results in a confusing and sometimes useless model. At minimum it makes it almost impossible for another viewer to understand your model. Whatever your strategy, give it lots of thought, and be brave enough to change it in future models as you learn its weaknesses.

For Part 2 we are going to switch to video mode. I am going to give you a video tour of a few models I have created and show you how my strategy plays out. As usual, sit back and enjoy the popcorn as we roll the projector.

Components, Dimensioning, Scenes, Layers & Naming Part 2 scenes part naming layers dimensioning components