Friday’s Tip for December 6th

Friday’s Tip for December 6th december

Tabletop Connection

Steel tabletop fasteners are a great way to attach a tabletop to its base while still allowing for seasonal changes. On a table with straight aprons, it’s easy enough to saw a kerf to hold the connectors with the tablesaw, but on a curved or molded apron that’s not feasible. Instead, I’ve found that my biscuit joiner cuts these slots quickly and accurately.

Jim Kuchera

My Take

My initial thought was “why not just use a router with a slot cutter?” Here’s the simple answer. A biscuit joiner is always set up to cut slots. Using a router, you’d have to install the slot cutting bit. Not a huge time saver, but every little bit helps, right?

Friday’s Tip for December 6th december