Bring back your childhood memories with a crossbow. Add more fun to it using mini marshmallows that can be shooted […]

Balance board is getting more popular as it is a great way to build balancing skills as well as core […]

Many people would agree that bringing a kid to the working studio might not be the brightest idea ever. Even […]

Step 1. Tools Glue stick Tooth picks Rubber bands Sand paper Wood glue Jig saw Drill bits (3/4”, 5/8”, ¼”) […]

Step 1. Prepare the tools and the materials Tools: Workbench Clamps Hammer Drill Jigsaw Sander Materials: A clothespin 4 small […]

Step 1. Build the bow and prepare the string Prepare ¼” poplar strip with ¾” width and 12” length. Cut […]

General Instructions Prepare the materials and tools needed for the project. Review all the plans before doing the project. Work […]