SketchUp Tricks Part 2

This post is Part 2 of a multi-part series on SketchUp Tricks. More precisely, methods of modeling that save time. In SketchUp Tricks Part 1 I showed you some methods to draw boards with symmetrical ends and resize those boards more efficiently. For example, a rail with symmetrical tenons. I also demonstrated how to use components that have different dimension, including internal dimensions such as mortises, and complex shapes for repurposing.

Today I am going to extend repurposing and show you some methods for reusing previously drawn components from another model. We do so by making those components a single component model and then inserting that component into another model and making adjustments to it as required. I show you how to carry this procedure further by saving 2D profiles that can be inserted into a model and extruded to form components of any length.

Again I find the best way to demonstrate these techniques is with a video.

SketchUp Tricks Part 2 tricks sketchup part